How to survive a glamping trip with a toddler

Ok so we all know toddlers are unpredictable at the best of times, but throw in a new routine, a strange environment, no TV and you may think that taking a toddler on a glamping holiday is a bit like playing Russian Roulette!

Well perhaps not. With a little bit of pre-planning, glamping with toddlers can be an amazing experience (on the whole….they are still toddlers after all!)

So if you fancy a few days under canvas in the great outdoors, here are Child Friendly Escapes' top tips for making your glamping trip a success.

Do your research

With so many glamping options available both in the UK and abroad is it important to do some research before you go. Find out what facilities are available when you book your accommodation – can you hire a cot, a high chair or a fire guard? Is there a private flushing toilet or will you have to use a communal one? What’s available on the site – Is there a play area and plenty of room for them to safely toddle about? What’s available in the local area just in case the weather is bad or you need supplies?

Check out your accommodation

Ok so on a glamping holiday at least you haven’t got the hassle of putting up your own tent and gone are the days of waking up on a damp, cold floor because your blow up mattress has deflated overnight. Today’s glamping options offer luxury accommodations (i.e. proper beds!) some even have showers! (yes your own private shower…with hot water!) It’s no wonder parents across the UK have been packing their bags and heading off in search of the latest glamping experience with these perks on offer!






Make sure you know what’s included

The last thing you need is to arrive at your destination late in the day or early evening, having endured a long car journey with your toddler only to find out that you should have brought your own bed linen! Always check what is and isn’t supplied in your accommodation, if bed lined is included – does that include the travel cot? Do they supply a welcome hamper of local goodies?Nothing is more terrifying than a hungry tired toddler so make sure you have something available when you arrive to keep them happy whilst you settle in.

Choose the best time to go

We all know that when the school holidays hit things can get a little over crowded, especially holiday hotspots in the UK. If you are not restricted by term times, it is often worth taking a glamping trip during the quieter times, not only will you avoid the crowds, the prices are often cheaper and the temperatures are often a little more comfortable for little ones.Of course many sites now also restrict the number of tents they have to ensure everyone has a peaceful and relaxing stay.

Have fun…and book somewhere with a hot tub!

Ok so the hot tub isn’t an essential (we lie, it really is!!) but let’s face it, toddlers love nothing more than having the freedom to run around, explore and get mucky! A glamping holiday is all about leaving the stresses of the 9-5 behind and relaxing in the great outdoors. So if you are thinking about whether or not to try one, our advice is yes, give it a go, we are sure you will love it!






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