Magical Lapland by fellow mum and business owner Katy Brown!


Wow...Lapland, what can I say... the first words that come to mind are magical, peaceful, exciting, wonderful...and quite honestly a whole new world. I will never forget arriving - it was only early afternoon but the sky was getting dark but a beautiful ‘midnight blue’ dark with stars clearer than I’ve ever seen... but that wasn’t what struck us first... for as far as the eye could see was thick white snow that looked like a perfect white iced wedding cake, and if that wasn’t amazing enough twinkling candles had been put into the ground every few metres and the whole forest was lit up by candle light... wow, just wow! Children who were visiting to see the ‘real’ Father Christmas had certainly entered the magic right there and then and there were a lot of excited little faces!

First on the list was signing up for Ski School... now as complete Novice Skiers who had never stepped foot into a ski this was slightly daunting but the instructors were fantastic with adults and children alike and by day 3 we were (unbelievably) skiing down slopes with confidence (although the 3 year olds in the Baby Ski School were far out-shining any of the adults!)

Seeing the Northern Lights was also high up on our list during the visit and although during our Snowmobile trip to see them we didn’t catch a glimpse, the experience itself completely made up for it! The ENORMOUS Michelin man style thermal gear may not have been too flattering (photo for your viewing pleasure included!) but driving those snowmobiles was SO MUCH FUN! Through snowy forests, over a huge icy lake, up steep hills and all finished off with hot chocolate and sausages around the camp fire.... brilliant evening.

We had heard from several families that the Husky rides were fantastic so that was our next adventure and as with everything else it certainly didn’t disappoint! These beautiful creatures took us through the most incredible scenery all whilst being guided by us (I really didn’t think this was possible when the guide was talking us through what we needed to do) but yes, with some hard work (thank you husband!) and direction from the guide we were off on what was a fantastic journey! On the way back we were welcomed to the enclosure where all the Husky’s lived, at which point everyone fell in love with the puppies (how could you not!)

Now admittedly it was cold.... really, really cold.... BUT going back to that gorgeous log cabin every evening with a lovely open fire and (wait for it) a SAUNA (yes that was amazing!) made those extremes all the more fun! Who doesn’t like coming out from the cold into a cosy house?! Collecting logs for the fire and taking a sledge to pull your shopping home in from the shops was also an experience full of a lot of laughs and something you certainly wouldn’t do every day!

So finally... the Christmas Village.... ah the Christmas Village! So much magic, literally all around, the smells, the sights, the laughter, it was incredible....and Father Christmas, he was pretty good too (even I was convinced!)  

Visit Lapland guys... when they say it’s magical, they’re not wrong... it’s an experience of a lifetime!


So there you have it, in the words of mum Katy Brown, Lapland is a must! 

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Katy Brown is a photographer, Wife and Mum of 2! Her photography business 'Rejuvenating Joy' is a Muddy Stilettos winner for 'Best Photographer' in 2017. See her Facebook page here